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The main thrust of our operations are hinged on the following

  • Petroleum Product Trading
  • Ship chandelling
  • Offshore supplies of Bunker and Fresh Water
  • Providing logistic and support services
  • General supplies and contracting
  • Handle in/out clearance at vessels to/from port
  • Manufacturers representatives/international procurement
  • Play agency roles to all key players in the shipping cum maritime industry

Oilways Logistics & Energy Ltd, is brand conscious.  Quality and Integrity is its credo.  We operate on international best practices to ensure world-class standards in all areas of our operations and would go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.  We are a growing firm and are able to take advantage of our size to react quickly to change unlike the large bureaucratic firms.  This flexibility has endeared us to our customers and expanded our market share.

The Logistics put in place to ensure smooth operation includes our affiliating to reputable firms with tested and reliable fleets of vessel. These facilities improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.  We also maintain a good working relationship with direct importers of these said products.  These combined, have enable us maintained an edge over our competitors, thereby expanding our customer base.


The main strengths in the marketing drive of the company are the excellent quality and integrity of its products & services, a team of highly competent personnel’s.  The operational location of the marketing outlet in the port area of the commercial and industrial capital of Nigeria (Lagos), coupled with the aggressive marketing and quality service delivery makes the marketing prospects attractive.

The management of the company have however, put in place appropriate marketing actions to ensure survival of present and future competition.

1)        Putting in place a competent and qualified team of personnel’s with requisite experience.

2)        Identification of customer’s needs now and in the future.

3)        Maintenance of product integrity with highest quality and excellent service delivery.

4)        Making our product and services easily available at the most convenient point to the customers wherever, whenever and however.

5)        Strategic and competitive pricing policy, which offers the advantage of cost-price justification with an attractive margin.

6)        Continuous identification of critical factors in the market such as opportunities, risk, problems and leverage, strength and weaknesses with competitors.